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We bring everything necessary for your event such as the sound system, wireless microphones, dance lights, and even our own table and linen.

Check out our standard equipment we bring to every event, AND all of our upgrades for extra vibes! 

setup - freedom sticks - MOSS 3.jpeg


The Standard setup is what we bring to every event!  It is perfect for up to 200 people with plenty of sound and lighting.


  • 2 Premium sound speakers | QSC-K12.2 | 1200watts

  • Dance lights | Derby Beams | Wash color lighting

  • Wireless Microphone

  • Panel Façade

  • Table & Linen

Get a personalized quote for your event!

Dancing in the Mist


Add extra vibe to the event! Check out these sweet upgrades!


QSC K112

Add extra low end and warmth with these bangers.  One sub is good, but two is better!

  • High Output in an ultra-compact form factor

  • 2000 Watt class D amplifier module

  • 12 in. long-excursion driver, small size - BIG PUNCH 

  • Frequency Response (-6 dB) : 41 Hz - 108 Hz

  • Frequency Range (-10 dB) : 38 Hz - 121 Hz

  • Maximum Rated SPL1 : 128 dB @ 1 m (peak)

$200 each



Elevate the ambiance of the space! Energize your dance floor with dynamic uplights. Transform the atmosphere with vibrant hues and colors!

  • Wireless battery powered

  • Create any color

  • Sound active

  • Place anywhere

12 uplights




These lights are innovative LED lighting fixtures designed to add a dynamic and vibrant touch to any environment. These sleek, battery-powered sticks can be placed and controlled with ease, offering wireless color-changing capabilities that synchronize to music, creating a mesmerizing visual display. Chauvet Freedom Sticks bring an exciting burst of color and movement to enhance the atmosphere.

  • Wireless battery powered

  • Connects to uplights 

  • Sound active

  • Create any color

Come in packs of 4

$100 per pack

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